If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll end up someplace else

Why not post in English from time to time?  (so that Rob can read this)

So it looks like the big challenge in this triathlon business is to find an adequate training program, and stick to it as much as possible without getting injured or divorced in the process. There are a lot of advice and templates available online to choose from. I like this training plan on triathlete.com as it is simple, repetitive, and provides a structure to try and follow. I have put the plan in tables, adding a feedback row on whether the session was performed or not, you can download it here.

Now, it is clearly impossible for me to switch from no sport at all to 6 sessions per week, mainly because:

  • I Work (will be travelling during 3 of the 16 weeks)
  • Children don’t care about any triathlon training plan
  • My achilles do not respond well to running on concrete
  • I don’t like to swim in pools
  • We have to finish watching Broadchurch to find out what happened to Danny Lattimer

I also know that I can swim the distance without too much of a problem, and the running should be ok. But if I want to achieve my objective, I have to improve on the bike.  One more rest day during the week will be much needed to remain sane and reduce the risk of injuries on my legs. I will therefore ease myself in the training schedule, try to respect the plan as much as possible for the cycling, and increase slowly the running and swimming during the preparation.

I am not sure where I will end up with that approach, but thanks to the plan I have more or less an idea of where I am going. Stay tuned!






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